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Lesvos remains on the frontline of the global migration crisis. Refugees continue to arrive on Lesvos — over 50,000 in 2018 — and our work is just as critical now as it was in 2015.

In making a donation to Attika you are helping us to keep the warehouse open, keep the refuge house open, keep delivery trucks on the road, buy food for the refuge house, buy underwear, buy shoes, buy hygiene items, support refugees with medical and legal aid, expand the hospital distribution and put a search and rescue team on the sea.

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Although we are processing donations via Paypal, you can use any major credit card to donate. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account.

Please include your name & email on bank details so we can acknowledge your donation.

For direct bank to bank transfers our account details are:

Bank: Alpha Bank
Account name: Attika Human Support
IBAN: GR23 0140 6010 6010 0200 2015 853

Attika Human Support is a non-profit registered with the Greek Ministry of Finance

Register number: 140463742000
Tax number: 997257375

Registered address: Souliou 3a, Mitilini 811 00, Lesvos, Greece


Through establishing an efficient and effective distribution system Attika delivers humanitarian aid directly to asylum seekers.8000+ refugees on Lesvos. 4000+ on Samos. 1500+ on Chios. Overcrowding. Inhuman conditions. Dignity and access to basic human needs can only be achieved together. Our challenge is to continue to procure funding and donations of clothing and hygiene items to meet these basic needs of the growing population of displaced people. As the crisis continues into the fourth year, interest dwindles, original sources of funding and donations are running out of resources, yet we must continue to keep the warehouse open and keep the trucks on the road. We need your help. Please send a box, a pallet, a truck or a container.

Get Involved, Volunteer

The Attika family is always ready to welcome everyone to our team here on Lesvos or to our growing family across Europe and beyond. We welcome you to come to Lesvos and experience volunteering opportunities in our warehouse and distributions points on Lesvos. We welcome you to join with us in making a difference wherever you live by making clothes or hygiene collections, by running a small fundraiser , by having a collection pot at your work place or by becoming an Attika supporter.

If you think you’d like to get involved in any way, please contact us for any questions you have. Thank You!