Warmth, Shelter And Rescue

Vital Aid Distribution

Attika secures basic human requirements for people in need. Lesvos is on the frontline of the global migration crisis. It has borne the brunt of the flow of desperate people to Europe and has become known worldwide for its openhearted response. But this small island cannot do it alone. Clothing, warmth, hygiene and dignity are vital unmet needs of the residents of Moria, Kara Tepe, Vathy and Vial camps. Access to basic human requirements can be difficult and sporadic. Attika address these needs by efficient, timely distribution directly to the residents at the camps, to expectant mothers at the local hospital and through other supporting NGO’s. Through establishing an efficient and effective distribution system Attika delivers humanitarian aid directly to asylum seekers.

Search and Rescue

Photo: Christina Georgiadou

In March 2018,10 boats carrying 332 people arrived to the north shore of Lesvos. Up to March 2019, 27 boats carried 1075 people. In June 2019 alone, 1572 people arrived. Just one Search and Rescue boat is currently in operation on the north shore of Lesvos. This is inadequate. SAR needs reinforcement on Lesvos. There is an acute need for a second boat to provide an additional SAR team on the north shore. Attika has worked for many months and has purchased an Atlantic 75 RIB, safety equipment and crew safety clothing. Our next steps are focussed on training a crew, water trialling and finding sustainability for the running costs. The final step will be to launch.


Together Attika Human Support and The Three Peas have created a small, sustainable housing programme on Lesvos. The first house is situated in the heart of Mytilini and has the capacity to welcome up to nine people. Housing plays an important role in the first steps to community integration. Providing a secure home with care and support brings huge emotional benefits along with the opportunity to settle out of a permanent emergency state and gather strength to move forward with building a new life. The impact of helping one individual is many-fold. Once each person is back on their feet, they then begin to support others in need in the community Attika is proud to collaborate with Three Peas, who have a wealth of experience in housing development.