Warmth, shelter and rescue

Vital Aid Distribution

Attika secures humanitarian aid for people in need. Greece, on the frontline of the migration crisis, has borne the brunt of the movement of people escaping war, persecution, and natural disaster to Europe. Clothing, warmth, hygiene, and dignity are vital and often unmet needs of displaced people living across the Greek island and mainland in camps, pre-removal centres, streets, and shelters.  

Access to basic human requirements can be difficult and sporadic. Attika works to address these needs by sourcing aid across Europe, receiving the aid to our warehouses in Athens and Lesvos and working with other grass roots NGOs to manage efficient, timely distribution directly to refugees through free shops, community centres, camps, directly on the streets, legal centres, and health clinics. Attika delivers humanitarian aid directly to asylum seekers. 

Search and Rescue

After a long road, 18 months of fundraising, and immense support from many friends and supporters of Attika, we launched the Attika Human Support Search and Rescue mission in August 2020. The fully equipped rescue boat Nomad operates on the north coast of Lesvos which is situated in the north east Aegean and at the narrowest point of the sea crossing between Turkey and Greece.
Nomad is approved and integrated into the Greek National Search and Rescue plan, cooperates with the Hellenic Coast Guard and is ready to respond in any emergency.
The importance of this mission is crucial to protect human rights and international laws of safety of life at sea. Currently, the crew of Nomad is the only SAR team monitoring the dangerous waters of this sea crossing.
Our professional team, made up of a local crew, have a deep understanding of the coastline and waters we monitor and are equipped to report 24/7 on new arrivals and possible pushbacks of refugee boats.

It is important to remember, this potentially deadly crossing exists on account of inhuman European and Greek decisions.


Together Attika Human Support and Three Peas Help Make A Difference have created a small, sustainable housing programme. In the heart of Mitilini, Lesvos, the house has the capacity to welcome up to nine people while the apartment currently hosts a family of six children. Recently, we have renovated a safe space outside Athens to accommodate and support up to 10 people.  

Housing plays an important role in the first steps to community integration. Providing a secure home with care and support brings huge emotional benefits along with the opportunity to settle out of a permanent emergency state and gather strength to move forward with building a new life. The impact of helping one individual is many-fold. Once each person is back on their feet, they then begin to support others in need in the community.